IditaFAT Bike Race March 2, 2019

Good times. Good vibes. Good people. We always have FUN!!

“Festival of Flakes” weekend which features both our annual IditaFAT bike race and the annual SnoFatShu race offering winter enthusiasts and families an unparalleled opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle while having fun!

IditaFAT – has evolved into one of the Northeast’s premier fat bike races and has been named one of the coolest races around by Pink Bikes!
Date: Saturday March 2, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM
Location: CCC Camp at Winona Forest Mannsville, NY

What makes the IditaFAT so much fun? 

* Our famous snow podium

* Raffles and door prizes for all those that come

* Handcrafted awards

* FREE MEAL – our menus includes everything from sandwiches to Vegan dishes.

* For the IditaFAT – The top male and female finisher for the 50k gets their numbers decorated the following year.

* The course – boasts panoramic views! As we have enough snow in December, Winona’s experienced crew of volunteer groomers — many of whom are fat bikers themselves — start maintaining the IditaFAT courses multiple times a week, using a diverse arsenal of equipment so we can have the BEST groomed trails possible!

Registration will open Tuesday October 16th.

What’s your favorite part of the IditaFAT?

“Winona Way – the way (haha no pun intended) that trail flows and undulates through the forest is SO FUN AND SO BEAUTIFUL! Fast, swoopy downhills, punchy little climbs and twisty rolling GROOMED terrain is really special. YES!!!” AJ Mooney, Tryon Bike 2-Time Men’s Champion on the Long Course

“Honestly, I love the small town feel of this race. The volunteers are AWESOME, the food is AWESOME, the raffles are AWESOME, and come on, where else do you get a DECORATED race number???? It’s the best small town, but biggest distance fat bike race around!!!!” Helene Schmid, Roth Racing 4-Time Women’s Champion on the Long Course

“Other than the amazing coffee from Stickboy? I love the groomed trails and I know them like the back of my hand without needing GPS. I also like the LeMans start and love Paul’s wife’s chili after the race. If I really have to narrow it down… the snow podium, never ceases to amaze me.” Justin Frontuto, Tryon Bike

“First off, you guys do an awesome job! It was one of the best races we’ve ever been to, especially for a grassroots operation. So, kudos to you and the crew. I mean it! Anyway, we did win those tickets to Kingdom Trails last year, which we really enjoyed. So thank you for those… but I’d have to say the finish, of course! Once I crossed that line, I knew hot food and a warm car were only a few steps away!” Andy Schmid, Roth Racing


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