The IditaFAT course boasts panoramic views and the greatest overall FUN of any race event.

The IditaFAT truly distinguishes itself from other races. As soon as we have enough snow in December, Winona’s experienced crew of volunteer groomers — many of whom are fat bikers themselves — start maintaining the IditaFAT course multiple times a week, using a diverse arsenal of equipment such as an actual fat bike groomer!

The course will be on ski trail widths of 6 to 10 feet and we are working hard to add single tracks into the 25k and 50k course this year. Under the best conditions the hills are ride-able but as with any event conditions are subject to change.

The course is well marked! 

IditaFAT 20189

IditaFAT 20188

IditaFAT 201818

IditaFAT 201812